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Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring!

Posted on by Mr Lawnmowers

The winter is slowly disappearing and making way for the brighter mornings and hazy evenings. With the long awaited news, many people may be eager to get out and start on the garden in preparation for the summer months and one area that is sure to have taken a bit of a beating the last few months is the lawn.
Fortunately, we at Mr Lawnmower are here to provide some tips on looking after your grass to ensure you have a garden that is ready for a summer worth of flowers and bbq’s.

Protect Your Lawn

The temperature is still dropping so the frost is still having an effect on the lawn at present so ensure your grass is not walked on at this time. Like footprints in sand, when the frost or snow have thawed you will have snapped off the tips of grass and will be left with the trails. Obviously this isn’t avoidable all together but remember your lawn is underneath so avoid high traffic passing over it when it‘s still in a delicate state.

Spring is the time to get potting and planting, if the winter months have taken their toll on your lawn, then investing in some grass seed may be worthwhile to ensure that your grass has time to seed and thicken for later in the year.

As the temperature does increase, so will the length of your grass. It doesn’t cease growing within the cooler months but as the weather improves this kicks starts the growing process and your lawn will be lengthy in no time at all. It’s at this time where you will need to look at using your lawnmower and reviewing whether this is still in a good state to use for the year ahead.

Have You Got the Right Tools for the Job?

A good lawnmower is to a gardener like a pair of scissors is to a hairdresser; they need to be sharp to create a clean, neat cut. Review your lawnmower to ensure it will cut the grass effectively rather than churn it up and crate mulch under foot. The mower should be lifted a little high than normal just to tidy up the lawn on the first cut but as the weather gets better and the growth is consistent, normal mowing should apply.

For further information regarding finding and purchasing the right lawnmower to ensure your lawn looks healthy this year, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via one of the methods on our contact us page found here.

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