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Top Tips on Looking After Your Lawnmower

Posted on by Mr Lawnmowers

In the run up to summer it’s time to take back control of your garden. Making sure your lawnmower is in optimum working condition is of paramount importance if you’d rather not shell out on a new model, here are some handy tips to keep your lawnmower in great working order so gardening this summer is a breeze.

Day to Day Care

Make sure your lawnmower is washed and cleaned every day to prevent debris build up and damage to blades. A power blower is a fantastic tool for cleaning the underside of your machine as well as other hard to reach areas. If you have an air-cooled engine try using a stick to remove debris from cooling fins, alternatively if you have a lawnmower with a water-cooled engine make sure the reservoir is sufficiently filled. If you won’t be using your lawnmower for a while it is a good idea to drain the fuel tank and replace the mower fuel filter.

Performing Maintenance Tasks

Check all aspects of your lawnmower for general wear. Your spark plug should be removed and checked for corrosion, if it shows signs of damage it is recommended you replace it rather than attempt to fix it, it’s cheap and simple to procure a new one so cut out the unnecessary hassle. Clean and lubricate the throttle linkages and the choke and make sure to oil the lower deck and all of the fittings.

When your lower deck is removed for lubrication it is the perfect time to sharpen your blades, this will give you an improved cut when you need it, it’s a good idea to do this in the winter after mowing season to save you a job in the spring.

If you’re unsure of how to properly maintain your lawnmower or for trickier jobs it is recommended that you take your machine to a professional, that way you know the job is being done right and no job is being overlooked. If you’re in the Nottingham area and want to get your lawnmower in perfect condition or are looking to invest in a new modal now the weather’s getting warmer, talk to Mr Lawnmowers, our professional team will be more than happy to help with whatever maintenance job you require, call us today on 772 2038 or get in touch online.

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