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Top Ways to Avoid Shelling Out on a New Lawnmower

Posted on by Mr Lawnmowers

The snow has gone and the rain will be following; it’s that time of year where we’re all thinking about venturing down to the shed, dusting off our lawnmowers and praying they’re still working! A few people, the lucky few, will have hearty lawnmowers that survived the winter unscathed, but a lot of us won’t be so fortunate. Don’t despair! It can still be saved, here at Mr Lawnmowers we specialise in lawnmower repair and maintenance; here are just 3 ways we can help bring your lawnmower back to life:

1.Blade Sharpening

If your blades have dulled over time they’ll no longer properly cut your lawn, instead they’ll rip the tops off of grass leaving it vulnerable to disease. We all want lush green grass in the summer and a well sharpened lawn mower is the best way to get it.

2.Replacing Air Filters

Ideally your air filters should be cleaned every 25 operating hours but these days those little tasks can slip away from us; clean air filters will improve performance and extend the life of your lawnmower so if all they need is a clean or you need a complete replacement we can help.

3.Replacing and Repairing Blocked Carburettors

The carburettor is an important part of any gas engine; ever tried turning your lawnmower on and all you get is a splutter? It’s probably the carburettor. Engines are delicate and specialised pieces of machinery so it’s important to always consult a professional, for your lawnmowers safety and your own!

Here at Mr Lawnmowers we can service, repair and replace parts on your lawnmower quickly and affordably, keeping you and your garden happy. For more information contact us online and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, we’ll get your lawn looking great for summer!

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